Vintage Butterfly & Flowers Service Tray (MX154)

Wonderful old pressed butterfly and flowers service tray by Halluck's Art of Springfield, Massachusetts. The tray measures14 1/4" x 9 1/4", including the handles and has a glass top with a gold and green accented wooden frame. On the back of the tray is part of a label that explains that the Butterflies used are not killed. These tropical butterflies are obtained from Brazil, Columbia, French Guiana etc.. They live only from one to eight days and are collected after life is extinct. The butterfly used in this particular tray is from Columbia. The milkweed, grasses and flowers in the tray are arranged by an artist. The background is a furry black material. The tray is in very fine condition. Use as a wall or shelf display or for actual serving needs. A great piece!

Price: $45.00